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Winflix is a football predictions website for winners: discover the latest winning football predictions

She wins again for Winflix weather! Thanks to our winning analysis, our 1X2 or double odds predictions recently won are presented to you below with the match odds. These profit predictions are divided into 2 parts:

Expert-proof predictions

SAFE football predictions are predictions that have a high reliability rate and a low score. Reliable predictions allow you to have considerable security regarding the selected game option and the sports bet placed with a bookmaker. The so-called "sure" predictions, meaning "reliable" or "safe", are an important part of sports bets placed by forecasters or bettors. Winflix is ​​made up of professional bettors and experienced football forecasters to offer a double perspective and an analysis that is as efficient as it is reliable for bets and online bets with maximum security, thanks to our software and statistics.

sports_soccer Soccer
France - Pologne France
sports_soccer Soccer
Angleterre - Sénégal Angleterre
sports_soccer Soccer
Pays-Bas - Etats-Unis Qualifikation: Niederlande
sports_soccer Soccer
Argentine - Argentinien und über 1,5 Tore
sports_soccer Soccer
Serbie - Suisse X oder Suisse
sports_soccer Soccer
Brésil - Suisse Brésil
sports_soccer Soccer
Portugal - Uruguay Portugal gewinnt mindestens 1 Halbzeit: Ja
sports_soccer Soccer
France - Danemark Uber 1,5 Tore

Ranking by odds of the results of football predictions for the last 3 days

sports_soccer Soccer 04/12/2022
Benevento - Palermo Palermo or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 04/12/2022
Bari - Pisa Pisa or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 03/12/2022
Gijon - Las Palmas Las Palmas or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 03/12/2022
Villarreal II - Leganes Villarreal II or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 03/12/2022
Venezia - Ternana Venezia or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 03/12/2022
Cagliari - Parme Cagliari or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 04/12/2022
Nuova Cosenza - Perugia Perugia or draw
sports_soccer Soccer 03/12/2022
Coleraine FC - Dungannon Swifts Coleraine FC

The Most Reliable Prediction Tips

Finding the best football prediction for any match is not easy considering the large number of sports competitions and football matches that are played every day. Winflix offers the best prediction for any football match by using a prediction method to evaluate the outcome of the match. Our predictions take into account the form status of each soccer team, their placement, head-to-head history, composition, top scorers, their offensive potential in terms of number of goals scored and potential offensive to reach an ideal statistical variable, to create a success prognosis for football. Thanks to all the analyzed data as well as the odds offered on sports betting sites, Winflix is ​​currently the best football predictions website. Football prediction advice from our experienced forecasters and our professional bettors is a vital help in online betting and football prediction assistance.

More than 12 analysis and optimization tools to win our football predictions

Become the king of sports betting thanks to Winflix analysis and forecasting tools, follow all live matches, all important statistics, all goals and the latest news from the football world in real time!

app tool winflix Reliable forecasting software

Our software analyzes and offers a unique selection of the best football predictions and statistics for every match of the day in all European and world competitions.

app tool winflix Risk analysis tools

For each game, our prediction software analyzes all game options, 1X2 game winner, number of goals, double chance and provides you with probability statistics.

app tool winflix Stake/bankroll management tool

Learn how to manage your stake and bankroll according to your last bet result, the odds of your bet of the day and the probabilities of success defined in our software.

app tool winflix Prediction contest

Compete against the best tipsters and test your gaming strategies in our prediction competition and win lots of prizes! Every week 100 free bets are offered to participate.

app tool winflix Optimization tool for your results

Find out what kind of bet you play on and what game options your results are worse on. Optimize your sports betting by keeping only your best winning odds.

app tool winflix Livescore and game statistics

Enjoy a real-time live score, videos of all goals and all statistics suitable for football predictions and sports betting.

app tool winflix Prediction algorithm

The prediction algorithm allows members to see the real-time analysis performed by our robots of all profitable game options. Depending on the league up to 100% success.

app tool winflix Earnings Tracking and Tips

Follow the evolution of your winnings thanks to Freebet bets placed in the competition. Our software analyzes your player profile and advises you on the best optimization to increase your profitability.

Winflix, the best VIP in football predictions?

A VIP is a member classified as "very important person", which means "important person" in French. When a predictions site offers you to become a VIP member, there is usually a fee to access it, but in return you benefit from full access to the best predictions offered by the sports betting advice site. There are different types of “VIP Betting Tips”. Either a member becomes VIP by paying a subscription or one-time access, or a member becomes VIP by registering on one of the sports betting sites also called bookmakers. In any case, VIP access to football prediction websites allows you to see the prediction or predictions selected by an expert to offer a higher than average profitability rate. The VIP is therefore profitable for the amateur bettor. Additionally, VIP access to a prediction site is generally profitable regardless of your level at sports betting. Whether you are a beginner bettor, an occasional bettor or an experienced bettor, the Winflix VIP will help you improve your results and increase your profitability from month one with effective bankroll management.

Why choose VIP access to Winflix football predictions?

Of all VIPs, many are content to offer a rough prediction service based on just one article of the day. Winflix offers VIP access to its football predictions, but also to a variety of additional services such as Live, including precise statistics to better understand the predictions made by our forecasters. In addition, thanks to Winflix VIP, you benefit from 100 free bets per week to bet on live matches, test your betting strategy, develop your sports betting strategy and follow results, wins and losses. This often lets you know what types of bets you win and what types of bets you lose. In fact, by placing your Freebet bets on Winflix, you have analytical access to track the percentage of success on all types of bets. For example, do you have better results on 1X2 bets, double chance bets? combined bets, bets on the number of goals in the game, etc. Finally, with Winflix VIP you can follow the bets placed by other members, thus following the best tipsters and best bettors in France.

Our soccer prediction application available

Soccer prono application is the practical side. Although the Winflix website is perfectly adapted to smartphones to track our soccer predictions, the Winflix application makes it faster and easier to get soccer predictions. The Winflix Prognosis Foot application is available on the Appstore and Playstore.

Winflix the football prono application for Android

Have a Samsung phone and want to find the best football prediction application on Playsite? Look no further, opt for the Winflix mobile application that brings together all the weather tools and all the advice of the Winflix VIP, with of course all our predictions on more than 40 football championships!

Our prediction application also available on iPhone

The best application for soccer predictions on iPhone is Winflix Soccer Prediction. Our recently released iPhone soccer prediction application is ideal for bettors who want to optimize their performance and increase their profits thanks to reliable predictions.

Our opinion on soccer tips sites

reviews site is the best football predictions site to advise demanding bettors. There are several other types of soccer prediction sites, we will detail the 2 types of prediction sites that exist.

Free soccer prediction websites

Free betting sites have pros and cons. For example, they are never truly free. In reality, they are mainly paid for by advertising, and the largest advertising budget generated by these types of sites is that of bookmakers. So if you are looking for a free soccer predictions site, ask yourself this question: can I trust a predictions site that is paid by bookmakers and sportsbooks? The answer seems obvious, if you want to win your bets in the long run, using free prono sites is certainly not for you. That doesn't mean they don't hit the mark a few times, but if they make you win your sports bets too much thanks to their free predictions, it's because they're losing money to the sports betting sites and under these conditions, they don't seem to either obvious that the bookies keep paying them. Here is our take on “free” prono sites and finally we will remember that what is free has no value. You can also find a nice Winflix review article that includes all the tests done by others.

Paid Tipster Sites

Many tipsters evolve, but generally it is enough to try them to understand that you have just been scammed and that the soccer tips offered are neither more nor less than a feeling of the person behind them . Expertise is generally very low and predictions fall short of the expectations often touted by corrupt influencers. These all tipsters or tipster sites do not necessarily have to be blocked. Similarly, a large proportion of tipsters and tipster websites skew their results to make them sell, so don't hesitate to check tipster's soccer predictions before you pay. Some tipster sites can be on the brink of profitability (which is pretty good when you see others making you lose) and among the best tipsters, a large number don't follow, they don't give advice on stakes or sports betting strategies, just give you a couple of matches every now and then and gargle with meager results.

Prediction available for more than 40 football leagues site offers sports betting advice and predictions on more than 40 soccer leagues and competitions. Find the prediction you need by selecting our football predictions section by league and country. Of course, the 5 major European championships have priority in terms of attractiveness for sports betting, but our football predictions have an excellent success rate on other foreign championships.

ligue 1 and ligue 2 france

Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 : Our football predictions in French

To find a French Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 football prediction you can use the Prono France category or directly the Prognosis Ligue 1 ' or 'Prognosis Ligue 2' on For the 2022 season, the Winflix football prediction team has already validated 1149 Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 predictions. Among the most popular matches predicted in these championships we offer for example all PSG predictions, OM predictions (Olympique de Marseille), football predictions for OL (Olympique Lyonnais) as well as AS Monaco, Losc (Lille) , Rennes, AS St Etienne and all other French clubs. Regarding French football, Winflix also offers predictions for the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue.

premier league and championship england

Premier League and Championships : Our football predictions for England

Winflix football prediction application is perfectly adapted to English football, covering Premier League and Championships or English League 1 and English League 2. The predictions offered by Winflix also cover the League Cup and the English FA Cup to provide reliable predictions for all of English football. Among the popular predictions in England we can name the predictions for Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal or even Tottenham, Leicester, Everton and all English football teams. For the 2022 season, Winflix has already made 177 Premier League predictions and Championship predictions.

bundesliga 1 and 2 germany

Bundesliga 1 and 2 : Profitable predictions

The soccer tips page will find you the best tips in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 thanks to precise statistics on the German championship. Our tipster team advises weather on major German teams such as tips for Bayern Munich, tips for BVB Dortmund, RedBull Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt and all other clubs in the German 1st and 2nd football leagues. We also offer predictions on German soccer championships like the German championship. For the current season we have already given 1323 tips in the Bundesliga and tips in the 2nd Bundesliga.

league 1 and 2 spanish

League 1 and 2 : Spanish football championship predictions

Finding the best prediction for Barca (FC Barcelona Foot) or Real Madrid becomes easier thanks to the La Liga predictions section on Winflix. In addition, the list of Spanish football tips is much more extensive and you will also find all the tips related to other teams such as Atletico Madrid, Celta Vigo, Valencia, Betis Sevilla and all other teams in the Spanish football championship. tipsters have already submitted 326 La Liga tips and La Liga 2 tips this season.

serie and serie b italy

Pronostic Serie A and Serie B : bet on the Italian football championship

Find all the Serie A and Serie B predictions you need to win your sports bets on! With a total of 1323 Serie A football tips and Serie B tips created to date, the top tipsters on Winflix are proud to boast an increased success rate be able. On big Italian clubs like our Juventus predictions, our predictions on Inter Milan or Milan or even our soccer predictions on Lazio Roma, AS Roma or Napoli are very reliable, but we complete our analyzes with predictions on all Italian soccer clubs and on all Italian football championships.

Soccer predictions: Our answers to your questions

The question is not necessarily how to get a reliable prediction, but what makes a football prediction reliable. The reliability of a soccer prediction results from a sum of criteria, where a weight is assigned to the criterion in order to weight the reliability of the prediction. For example, Winflix uses a database with around fifteen criteria to obtain the most reliable forecast possible. Finally, certain imponderables must be taken into account, which can completely destroy the reliability of the forecast. We think in particular of game actions in a football game, such as a red card or the absence of an important player on the team. Obviously, the absence of a team's top scorer inevitably affects the reliability of the result. However, as football is a game that includes 11 outfield players, the absence of a single element being replaced by a slightly less productive player will have limited impact on the stats underlying the prediction if and only if that is the impact of the player, the game in question has no decisive place in the result of the game. In summary, it can be said that for a reliable football forecast, work on fifteen criteria is necessary.

Excellent question! Not all football predictions are necessarily good. To find a good football prediction, you must either spend a lot of time on the analysis without excluding the key criteria of the sports meeting, or follow sports betting or football prediction experts. In any case, finding a football prono requires either research or time or knowledge coupled with accurate and professional monitoring of football related news.

To improve a prediction you can analyze the last 5 matches like we offer in Winflix VIP. If a football prediction is based on a double chance, you can actually improve the prediction by combining it with a number of goals in the game or with a goalscorer. More and more bookmakers and sports betting providers are also offering game options such as "Team A wins or a draw AND more than 1.5 goals in the game". The prediction is then improved by combining it with the number of goals in the game. This increases the odds and at the same time the risk for the forecast. We could also improve a prediction by thinking of putting a win AND a goalscorer on the same bet placed. For example, if PSG's odds against a bottom player seem too low, it could be interesting to improve the prediction by adding K. Mbappe as a goalscorer. The effect would be the same as before, the odds increase but the risk increases with it. Finally, one could imagine improving a football forecast in terms of the reliability of the forecast. In this case, the opposite must be done, if a match is given in full, ie in 1X2, then it is advisable to fold with double chance. The effect will inevitably be a sinking of the coast, a drop in potential profits, but analogously an increase in the probability rate and therefore the reliability of the forecast.

That's the big question, everyone claims to be the best, the reality is often very different. Being aware of the competition in sports predictions field and even more so in football predictions, we can now say that is the best football predictions website as the website caters to all issues including the needs of a bettor (stake management tool) . , bet analysis tools, forecast comparison tools, top forecasters monitoring tools, etc.) and has a solid reputation based on extensive experience in betting on profitable athletes.

To win your sports bets, the key element is to control your emotions and know how to be happy with every win. On Winflix you will find reliable football predictions created and selected by our sports betting experts, but also predictions for every football match and all championships, whether European or world. The hardest part will therefore be not to chain the bets and not to follow all the predictions presented. If you were to do this you could get a very nice result but the reality remains to gamble responsibly and be aware that bookmakers make money because even after 5 winning bets losses can also follow and you could take full advantage of the Good guys lose soccer predictions by being tempted by other bets.

Many tipsters actually claim to be the best best tipster de Germany is the one who manages to maintain long-term stability, not on a simple day tour or a simple sports combination done once. This therefore requires a game strategy, a betting strategy and in that sense the bettor tools present on make it the best tipster or at least the best website that brings together the best tipsters in English.

Whether in the app store for iphones or in the play store for androids, there are a variety of football prediction apps. The best soccer prediction app is definitely Winflix available on Appstore and Playstore. The Winflix application allows you to get reliable predictions for all soccer matches, follow a live and live game, participate in a soccer prediction competition but also access prediction training and the evolution of your scores on the predictions present in the application to follow thanks to betting analysis. In fact, every VIP member has a balance of 100 free bets every week to put the prediction into action and test our strategies risk-free. The analytics present in the Winflix application allow to increase the reliability of the given predictions, making Winflix the best application for football predictions.

A football prediction is a predictive analysis of the outcome of a football match. Soccer predictions are generally used to increase the winnings of bettors looking for profit and sure-fire winnings. A forecast is made based on precise criteria such as: B. the level of form of the two teams facing each other. A forecast is not a bet but is used by bettors to save time and increase reliability through the resulting analysis. There are different types of predictions in soccer:

  • • Football predictions regarding the outcome of the game 1X2
  • • Football predictions on the number of goals in a game
  • • Soccer Predictions on In-Game Goalscorers
  • • Other predictions say "fun" for the game in question.

Winflix offers bettors a reliable soccer prediction service.

Definition: A forecaster is the person who analyzes the games to give a reliable prediction of the outcome of the game. Professional forecasters are scarce and carry out their predictive analysis work full-time to account for more than fifteen valuable criteria. The profession of forecaster came to France in 2013 with the advent and legalization of sports betting. These predictive analytics experts are generally familiar with math and the sport for which their analytics are considered and sought out by bettors. Tipsters are independent and do not work for the bookmakers, which gives them the objectivity necessary for their legitimacy.

A prediction website is a website that compiles a set of results based on predictions each day. The predictions of the prediction sites depend in part on the mathematical algorithm employed by the prediction site, but also on the analysis performed by the tipsters working on behalf of the prediction site. is a popular example of a prediction site specializing in soccer tips. Prediction sites are generally specialized in sports, but you can find general prediction sites that include multiple sports on a single page.

Among all the prediction sites and/or football prediction apps, few can claim to be real sports betting experts. An expert soccer prediction is a prediction that follows strict analysis rules to predict the outcome of a soccer match with a high probability of success. Winflix is an expert in football predictions and has developed its own methods and algorithms specifically for football games to get maximum winning predictions.

Today's best football predictions (05/12/2022)

With detailed analysis based on stats, our soccer prediction software uses our algorithm to guarantee you the best soccer stats for your predictions and the best game options for each match every day.

Who bet? Which team to bet on? Which option to bet on (1N2, double chance, number of goals, goalscorer, etc...? Test our analysis tools directly at the soccer prediction competition and follow the evolution of your performance!