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    Get all the live football to bet on more profitable options thanks to Winbot Telegram!

    How does Winbot Telegram work? When you become a Winflix VIP member, only one code is assigned to your account. To find it, nothing could be easier - go to your page my Account.

    The link to Winbot Telegram is also accessible from my account page, as well as all possible commands from the bot. Feel free to create a ticket if you have any questions about the Winbot.

    Winbot stats in 022
    Number of predictions+1000
    Success rate76%
    Average Odds1.97

    The first real-time automated soccer bot!

    What is Winbot for? The Winbot is designed to only give you playable pronos once the games have started to get a more advantageous size. Interesting if you want to quickly inflate your bankroll and still stay on betting basis .

    What types of predictions are offered live?

    Our Winbot is responsible for releasing the best game profiles for live game every day. Whether it's playing a set of purposes or an end result, the bot calculates all the possibilities based on the events of the current games. A red card, a goal by the outsider team, etc... All the parameters are included in the bot's reflection to optimize the profitability of the predictions.

    Use a live football pono for better odds!

    As a bettor, you should know that pre-match ratings and live match ratings are no longer the same. When a game starts, the ratings fluctuate much faster, which allows for value bets in certain * periods of the game and depending on the events. The more an event arrives at the beginning of the game, the more often the bot will query all the parameters of the games to give you football predictions to within seconds / minutes after the to play alert.

    *Value BET : A value bet is a score that is worth playing at a given point in the game due to its high volatility. This allows you to get a better score for a sure bet.