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    ⚡ TOP 5 support tools for football betting

    Many players are looking for help with sports betting. If you want to find tools to help you optimize your sports betting, the site offers you a large panel of tools to help you analyze football matches and increase your winnings in sports betting.

    WinTipsObjective: Follow the safest and profitable predictionsTool of reliable probabilities, analysis and prediction on a match for the different possible betting options.
    WinFormObjective: Compare the form between 2 teamsComparison tool for teams' form based on their last 5 matches to find the biggest differences in form.
    WinOddsObjective: Find the most advantageous oddsHelp tool to select sports betting games and options that meet the odds criteria.
    WinScoreObjective: Discover the most probable exact scoresHelp tool to identify exact score probabilities and isolate matches with multi-criteria filters.
    WinGoalObjective: Find the goal potential of each matchTool to help analyze goals in a football match allowing you to select matches by goal potential at a glance
    WinComparatorObjective: Compare offensive and defensive potentialsHelp tool for sports betting allowing the comparison of the state of form between 2 teams and to classify by the biggest gap.
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    Other sports betting support tools available on winflix:

    Winbot : Support for live sports betting, allows you to obtain the probabilities of results according to the evolution of the scores. VIP members receive all live notifications.

    Ranking : This tool helps you to identify the matches whose 2 teams are farthest in the ranking in their league in order to obtain the best probability of result for the end match.

    Stake management tool : This help tool allows you to calculate your stakes according to the result of your bet the day before and according to your odds for the day.

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    Why is a sports betting help site useful?

    Bookmakers have big advantages over punters. Indeed, a bookmaker has the best analysis tools to estimate the probabilities and calculate the odds that they make available to bettors. An isolated bettor without help or analysis tools has a good chance of losing his bets in the long term. Very often bettors trust their instincts or statistics made available by sports betting sites. By using the statistics made available by the bookmakers, there is a good chance that bettors who think they have mastered their subject and understand the probabilities. But it is clear that to win a sports bet at a higher frequency, the bettor will have a lot of trouble achieving it. Sports betting help sites like winflix allow bettors to have access to a greater number of tools, allowing them to compete with sports betting sites.

    What is the best sports betting help site?

    Many tools and sites exist to help bettors. Forecasters, for example, use their instincts and their own analysis to make predictions. In the majority of cases, almost all, manage to win a bet on the basis of a forecast. On the other hand, none will succeed in the long term in helping bettors in the long term because the reliability of their analysis tools is not good. The sports betting help site that offers the most advanced analysis tools is We can thus consider that winflix is ​​the best help site for bettors.

    How can a football statistics and analysis site help bettors?

    The help offered by winflix for sports betting allows bettors to use analysis tools close to those of bookmakers. This makes it possible to better understand each football match and to isolate the matches that meet the criteria selected by the bettors.

    Is it better to opt for help or for sports betting advice?

    The easiest thing is of course to take advice, but this does not necessarily turn out to be optimal or profitable because the advice depends on the analyzes and statistics on which it is based.

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