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    WinGoal Goals prediction tools +2.5 goals

    Quickly and easily identify the games with the greatest potential to finish more than 2.5 goals based on past results only in the league the team plays in.

    This tool allows you to rank soccer sports games based on teams that have their past games (last 8 games, last 5 games or last 3 games) with a total goal in the match over 2, 5 have completed goals. For each game you will get the stats of the game that ended with more than 2.5 goals for each team as well as the average for the 2 teams.

    Here is an example result :

    Understand the basis of the odds of +2.5 goals displayed in the results

    • Team A: In Team A's last 5 games, they have finished 4 of their last 5 games with the highest total goals (goals conceded and goals scored) of 2.5 goals. so we show 80% for Team A.

    • Team B: If Team B has finished the last 5 games of its league with a total goals score of more than 2.5, the percentage is 100%.

    • Average: The average of the soccer game between team A and team B considering the last 5 games of their championship gives us a probability (80% + 100%) / 2 = 90% . Therefore, based on each team's last 5 games, we can estimate that there is a 90% chance that the game would end with more than 2.5 goals.

    Over/Under 2.5 Goals Prediction: How do I find the soccer matches of the day?

    The tool allows you to rank the football matches of the day based on those who finished their last games with more than 2.5 goals per game in the last 8 games, the last 5 games and the last 3 games.

    • If you're looking for a solid base, look at the last 8 games.
    • If you want a trend more based on team form, look at the last 3 games.
    • If You a relatively average stable and taking into account the progress of the module, use the column of the last 5 games.