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    Prediction Brescia vs Pisa : Analysis of the match

    Last update : 06/04/2024
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    Welcome to a thrilling face-off as Brescia prepares to lock horns with Pisa for this compelling football fixture. The battleground is none other than the renowned Stadio Mario Rigamonti, where countless epic matches have unfolded before. This arena is set to reverberate with the indomitable spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

    A host of fans, from both sides, are primed to witness this intriguing chapter in the sporting history between the two clubs. Across the globe, football enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting qualitative insights, conjectures and informed predictions surrounding this match.

    When it comes to Brescia vs. Pisa, understanding the dynamics of both sides is crucial to developing an informed expectation. As far as the history between the two teams is concerned, both have had their share of victory and defeat in past encounters.

    From analyzing each team’s strengths, weaknesses, and past performances, to evaluating player form and tactics, we will provide you with a comprehensive and reliable prognosis of the match. Whether you’re a seasoned football aficionado or a novice wanting to learn the ropes of football betting, this thorough assessment of the upcoming Brescia vs. Pisa fixture will serve as an invaluable guide.

    Stay tuned for an in-depth, data-driven forecast that promises to enhance your understanding, excitement and anticipation surrounding the Brescia-Pisa match.

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    Winflix Algorithm

    Prediction Brescia Pisa on 06/04/2024 in Serie B

    Find the best prediction Brescia Pisa Can prove to be a complicated task. With Winflix, we offer you numerous tools and statistical analyses based on the form of Brescia and Pisa. The Winflix VIP members have access to exclusive predictions which have been established from reliable probabilities and advanced algorithms. With Winflix, you follow, you win.

    Odds and previsions

    Result of the match prediction Brescia Pisa on 06/04/2024

    With a match on the horizon between Brescia and Pisa, football betting enthusiasts are carefully examining the odds. In light of the bookmaker’s odds and our algorithm rooted in the analysis of more than 20,000 matches, this game is set to be tightly contested. The odds sit at 2.65 for a Brescia victory, 3.00 for a drawn game, and 2.75 for a Pisa win. Thus, it’s fairly balanced.

    A popular option amongst bettors is the double chance bet, which covers two out of three possible outcomes. In this case, the odds are 1.42 for the game ending in a draw or Brescia winning, and slightly higher at 1.45 for a draw or Pisa victory.

    In terms of the potential number of goals scored during the match, it’s forecasted to be relatively low-scoring. Odds are at 2.60 for under 1.5 goals, while over 1.5 is at 1.48. The prediction for less than 2.5 goals is set at 1.53, with a 2.45 chance for more than 2.5 goals. The probability for over 3.5 and 4.5 goals seems unlikely with odds positioned at 4.75 and 1.48 respectively.

    The betting market ‘Both Teams to Score’ is quite balanced too, with bookmakers offering a 2.00 odd if both teams find their way to the goal, and less likely, a 1.70 odd if they don’t.

    Without any specific team data on hand, the match appears evenly matched based on the odds. However, the likely low scoreline suggests a tightly fought contest that could go either way. Hence, gamblers should tread carefully when placing their bets.

    Résult of the match
    Bet option :Brescia win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Pisa win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Brescia or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Pisa or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Goals number of the match
    Bet option :+1,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :+2,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-3,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-4,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : Yes
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : No
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Double chance and number of goals
    Bet option :Brescia or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Pisa or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Brescia or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Pisa or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Live & Match Infos

    Live match : Everything you need to know about Brescia Pisa !

    To ensure you miss nothing from the match Brescia Pisa, Winflix offers you to follow live the lineups, actions, and statistics of this match on 06/04/2024 in Serie B. Lineups are generally available 30 min to 1 hour before the start of the match.

    Teams Lineups : Brescia vs Pisa

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    Lineup Brescia

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    Lineup Pisa

    Highlights of Brescia Pisa on 06/04/2024

    Miss no key moments during the match Brescia Pisa on 06/04/2024 at Stadio Mario Rigamonti stadium.

    10'Marius Marin
    37'Gabriele Moncini
    43'Antonio Caracciolo
    46'Stefano MoreoAlessandro Arena
    46'Antonio CaraccioloMaxime Leverbe
    49'Simone Canestrelli
    55'Flavio Bianchi
    58'Maxime Leverbe
    60'Simone CanestrelliErnesto Torregrossa
    61'Michele Besaggio
    61'Mattia ValotiMatteo Tramoni
    63'Andrea Cistana
    75'Flavio BianchiBirkir Bjarnason
    75'Michele BesaggioMohamed Fares
    76'Andrea CistanaAndrea Papetti
    76'Pietro BeruattoHjörtur Hermannsson
    81'Nicolas GalazziRiccardo Fogliata
    82'Fabrizio PagheraTom Van De Looi
    85'Gabriele Moncini
    90'Ernesto Torregrossa

    Live statistics for the Brescia Pisa match

    All the statistics for the match Brescia versus Pisa are displayed right here when they are available live.

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    Total of shots
    Shots on goal
    Shots off goal
    Corners Kicks
    Average Passes
    Total Passes
    Passes Accurate
    Total Fouls
    Yellow Cards
    Red Cards
    Statistics and predictions 1VS1

    1X2 Prediction : Form comparison Brescia vs Pisa !

    In examining the recent home match performance by Brescia and the away record of Pisa, some distinct patterns can be noticed.

    Starting with Brescia, in their last five home ties, they seem to have shown some impressive consistency in maintaining their defensive stronghold. Out of the five matches, they have only let opposition score more than a goal once, demonstrating a quite solid defence. Furthermore, they have managed to score 8 goals over these matches, indicating a relatively effective offence too.

    On the contrary, Pisa’s last five away games present somewhat inconsistent results. While they have managed to secure two wins out of five, they have also lost the same number of times, once with a margin of two goals. Their performance seems less predictable when they are away from their home ground, thus raising some questions about their consistency.

    Upon comparing their forms, it can be argued that Brescia’s consistent home performance offers a substantial advantage over Pisa’s somewhat unstable away form. Although Pisa has had some strong outings, their unpredictability makes Brescia, with their strong home defence and successful offensive synchronisation, the safer bet.

    However, as football matches can be swayed by innumerable factors, including player form, tactics, or simply luck, it’s difficult to predict the final outcome with absolute certainty. But judging strictly from their recent games, Brescia appears to have the sharper edge entering this match-up.

    logo team

    Form comparison Bresciain its last 5 games

    %Team form

    In its last 5 matches the team Brescia has wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Brescia has a form rated at %.

    logo team

    Form comparison Pisain its last 5 games

    %Forme de l'équipe

    In its last 5 matches the team Pisa a wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Pisa has a form rated at %.

    outils winflixUse the unique tools by Winflix and win all your sports bets !See tools
    Prediction Brescia Pisa
    Based on the form of the teams: advantage for Pisa
    Tool to use : Wincomparator

    Compare the form of the teams by the goal differences for all of today's matches

    Goals predictions and stats

    Number of goals prediction for Brescia vs Pisa !

    Based on the performance of the last five matches, it is clear that both Brescia and Pisa possess notably similar offensive abilities. They have each been scoring at an average rate of 1.8 goals per match. This is certainly an impressive statistic, demonstrating consistent pressure on their opponents’ defenses and taking advantage of scoring opportunities presented. Consequently, the offensive potential of both Brescia and Pisa has been evaluated equal at 64%, affirming their ability to maintain an active presence on the attack during the game.

    Switching the focus to the defensive aspect, Brescia tends to fare slightly better, conceding an average of 1.4 goals in the last five matches, with a defensive potential evaluated at 50%. On the other hand, Pisa unfortunately lags just a bit, allowing an average of 1.6 goals per match as per their last five matches. This statistic is accompanied by a defensive potential of 57%.

    Taking into consideration these numbers, we can derive that both teams have fairly balanced offensive and defensive potentials. However, there seems to be a slight advantage to Brescia due to their stronger defense, even though Pisa’s defensive potential is statistically higher.

    Therefore, based on the mentioned offensive and defensive analysis, a general forecast for the upcoming match would suggest a potential total score around 3.6, considering the combined offensive averages of both teams. However, football is, at its heart, unpredictable, and any slight change in form or strategy could lead to an entirely unanticipated outcome. That said, it is reasonable to assume that we might expect a match with multiple scoring occurrences from both sides, making for an exciting watch for spectators.

    logo team

    Goal average Bresciathis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored by Brescia in the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Brescia
    Brescia scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Bresciain the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Brescia
    Brescia conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    logo team

    Goal average Pisathis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored Pisain the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Pisa
    Pisa scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Pisain the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Pisa
    Pisa conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    Conclusion : What’s the prediction on the number of goals?

    From a purely mathematical prediction standpoint, based on the results of the last 5 football matches played by Brescia and Pisa, we should have a total of goals in this match.

    total goals according to statsApprox. goals in the match
    Tool to use : Wingoal

    Compare Over/Under 2.5 for all of today's matches and filter by odds.

    Exact result prediction

    Exact result predictions Brescia Pisa : all result probabilities

    Based on the team’s scoring averages and offensive defensive ratings, we’re going to specifically dissect the possibilities for the exact score for the upcoming Brescia vs Pisa match. Exact score predictions are always a tricky task as they depend on a multitude of factors, including the teams’ offensive and defensive potential, current form, and more. Therefore, bear in mind that while we aim to provide the most accurate forecast, the beauty of football lies in its unpredictability.

    Brescia averages 1.8 goals per game over their last 5 matches, with an impressive offensive potential of 64%. Similarly, Pisa has also scored an average of 1.8 goals per match in their last 5 games, presenting the same offensive potential of 64%. This suggests both teams display a strong attacking side, very close in terms of goal-scoring abilities.

    In defense, Brescia has conceded an average of 1.4 goals per game in their last 5 matches, exhibiting a defensive potential of 50%. Meanwhile, Pisa has let through an average of 1.6 goals per game in the same period, with a slightly higher defensive potential of 57%. This shows that both teams possess relatively steady defenses, yet there may be a slight vulnerability in Pisa that can be exploited during the match.

    Taking into account these statistics, we can conclude that the game will likely be high-scoring owing to the strong offensive abilities. However, it may remain balanced given both team’s robust defensive potential. To pinpoint an exact score is always challenging, but considering all the factors, a high likelihood of a score line of 2:1 or 1:1 may be predicted. As always, it is advisable to consider the inherent unpredictability of sports betting and not to get overly reliant on statistics alone for placing bets.

    Exact result
    Probability %

    Exact result prediction Brescia vs Pisa
    probability on the offensive and defensive potentials

    To find the best prediction about the Brescia VS Pisa match, we detail the most important statistics for the football match on 06/04/2024 :

    • Brescia average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Brescia average payout goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Brescia if the club is playing at home : %
    • % move to Brescia if the club is playing at home : %
    • % of matches lost to Brescia if the club is playing at home : %
    • Pisa average score goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Pisa conceded on average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Pisa if the club is playing away : %
    • % moves to Pisa if the club is playing away : %
    • % of games lost to Pisa if the club is playing away : %

    Based solely on the statistics of Brescia versus Pisa, the predictive statistical form exact score is: 🔐-🔐 Unlock VIP Access

    Predictions results

    Winflix Predictions results for Brescia and Pisa !

    In the field of sports betting, Winflix has been a consistent and reliable source of winning predictions. For Brescia’s recent games, Winflix has racked up an impressive string of correct predictions. For instance, they accurately called a Brescia win or draw for matches against Cosenza with odds of 1.60, Catanzaro with odds of 1.38, Ascoli with odds of 1.68, and other competitors. Even when Brescia faced powerhouse teams like Sampdoria or Parma, Winflix successfully predicted the outcome of the matches with odds of 1.71 and 1.29 respectively.

    Similarly, when we shift focus to Pisa, Winflix remains a shining beacon of accurate predictions. This includes, most notably, calling a Pisa win or draw against teams as diverse as Palermo with odds of 1.38, Ternana with odds of 1.23, Modena with odds of 1.55, and further successful bets with good odds against numerous teams.

    The solid and consistent predictions offered by Winflix go to show their significant expertise in analysing football matches. These results demonstrate how valuable their insights are for anyone looking to make informed bets in the sporting world. Bear in mind that Winflix’s success also reflects positively on both Brescia and Pisa teams as their performances have been correctly tracked and predicted by Winflix consistently.

    As we prepare for the head-to-head match between Brescia and Pisa, the combined track record of Winflix’s winning predictions on both teams definitely puts it in the spotlight.

    Last 5 winning predictions about Brescia

    logo team a

    Last 5 winning predictions about Pisa

    logo team a
    Frequently Asked

    How to find the best Brescia Pisa prediction ?

    Finding a prediction for the match Brescia Pisa can prove to be complicated. But with all the statistics and key figures provided by Winflix, everything becomes much more logical. Winflix is a set of tools and experts offering you numerous exclusive services to make you win all your sports bets.

    The key factors to consider for a successful football prediction for Brescia vs. Pisa on 06/04/2024 taking place at Stadio Mario Rigamonti are the team's past performances in the Serie B championship, their current form, and recent results. Team statistics, such as goals scored and conceded by Brescia at home and Pisa away, shots on target, and possession of the ball, can also provide valuable insights into the final outcome of this football match on 06/04/2024.

    To assess the current form of Brescia and Pisa on 06/04/2024, examine their recent results in the Serie B, the individual performances of key players, and the tactics used. Teams that have won multiple consecutive matches generally have better form than those who have lost several matches in a row. With the match taking place at Stadio Mario Rigamonti, Brescia might have a slight advantage in this football match.

    Statistics are important in finding the best football prediction because they can provide valuable information about the strength of Brescia and Pisa, their style of play, and overall performance. An essential statistic is the win rate of Brescia at home and the win rate of Pisa away, as well as the same for losses. Head-to-head statistics should also be considered for this exciting match on 06/04/2024!

    The individual performances of players from Brescia and Pisa can be used to assess the probability of a team's victory. Key players who have recently scored goals or are in optimal physical condition can indicate that their team has a good chance of winning this match on 06/04/2024 at Stadio Mario Rigamonti.

    To make a good football prediction and not miss anything, it's important to combine all these different criteria. By examining the past performances of Brescia and Pisa, their current form, recent results, team statistics, and individual player performances, you can establish a comprehensive analysis that will help you determine the probabilities of victory for Brescia or Pisa on 06/04/2024.

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