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    Prediction Kuressaare vs Laagri : Analysis of the match

    Last update : 04/11/2023
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    Welcome to another exciting face-off at the widely renowned Kuressaare linnastaadion. This monumental stadium is set to host what promises to be an epic showdown between two vigorous and competitive teams – Kuressaare and Laagri.

    Kuressaare, known for its tactical prowess and renowned for a defensive game, has time and again demonstrated its abilities on home ground. They are a team that has proven their mettle by navigating their course through the most challenging adversaries.

    On the other side, we have Laagri, the team lauded for its offensive game strategy. They have consistently displayed exemplary sportsmanship and strength, toppling opponents with their explosive gameplay and team coordination.

    Behind every match lies an undercurrent of predictions, a shell game of odds and probabilities. The insight into the game, ruling out of possibilities, stirring debates, and a careful analysis of past encounters add an interesting tangent to the game before the kickoff.

    The possibilities and exhilarating avenues the Kuressaare Laagri matchup opens are certainly a sports bettor’s dream. With every pass, every goal, and every minute of the game, the predictions could change, altering the game’s outcome. As the anticipation builds, the whole world awaits the spectacular match and the odds that it brings.

    As spectators, or keen bettors, we can only guess what the outcome will be. It’s a game of uncertainty and thrill, exactly what makes football such an addictive spectacle worldwide. Predictions thrive on statistical data, deep understanding, experience, a bit of luck, and at the end of the day, these forecasts enhance the game’s fun and gravitas.

    For all eyes set on Kuressaare and Laagri, the key lies in the numbers, the strategy, the lineup, and instinct. The much-anticipated match is undeniably sparking conversations across prediction networks and forums, waiting for the showdown at the fantastic Kuressaare linnastaadion.

    Remember, as the wise men say, “The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes, and everything else is just a theory.” So grab your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and brace yourselves for an electrifying evening of football. The predictions are in, the stage is set, let the game unravel – may the best team win.

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    Winflix Algorithm

    Prediction Kuressaare Laagri on 04/11/2023 in Meistriliiga

    Find the best prediction Kuressaare Laagri Can prove to be a complicated task. With Winflix, we offer you numerous tools and statistical analyses based on the form of Kuressaare and Laagri. The Winflix VIP members have access to exclusive predictions which have been established from reliable probabilities and advanced algorithms. With Winflix, you follow, you win.

    Odds and previsions

    Result of the match prediction Kuressaare Laagri on 04/11/2023

    Welcome to our preview on the impending sport event, a thrilling football match between Kuressaare and Laagri. Currently, the exact betting odds from bookmakers for this match are not available for analysis, however, we aim to provide insightful perspectives based on general team performance and statistics from previous matches.

    When it comes to betting odds, they are usually drawn from intricate algorithms based on the performance data of over 20,000 matches. Using this data, predictions are generated around the primary outcomes of the game which include the possibilities of either team winning, the occurrence of a draw, and the projected number of goals scored during the match.

    These predictions allow the formulation of betting odds around various parameters such as the chances of either team winning or drawing, the likelihood of scoring under or above 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 goals in total, and even probabilities on whether both teams will score or not during the match.

    Unfortunately, without the specific data, it is challenging to provide precise statistics-based predictions for the match between Kuressaare and Laagri. Nevertheless, high-level performance analysis and historical data still allow for a general overview of what bettors might anticipate in such a match.

    Preferences based on team form, head-to-head results, home and away performance, injury updates, and other in-depth analysis should always be considered along with the betting odds.

    This analysis is aimed at providing potential pointers to those interested in sports betting, yet it’s important to remember, in football, anything can happen. Good luck with your analytical endeavors!

    Résult of the match
    Bet option :Kuressaare win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Laagri win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Kuressaare or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Laagri or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Goals number of the match
    Bet option :+1,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :+2,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-3,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-4,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : Yes
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : No
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Double chance and number of goals
    Bet option :Kuressaare or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Laagri or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Kuressaare or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Laagri or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Live & Match Infos

    Live match : Everything you need to know about Kuressaare Laagri !

    To ensure you miss nothing from the match Kuressaare Laagri, Winflix offers you to follow live the lineups, actions, and statistics of this match on 04/11/2023 in Meistriliiga. Lineups are generally available 30 min to 1 hour before the start of the match.

    Teams Lineups : Kuressaare vs Laagri

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    Lineup in coming Kuressaare

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    Lineup in coming Laagri

    Highlights of Kuressaare Laagri on 04/11/2023

    Miss no key moments during the match Kuressaare Laagri on 04/11/2023 at Kuressaare linnastaadion stadium.

    There is no highlights yet.

    Live statistics for the Kuressaare Laagri match

    All the statistics for the match Kuressaare versus Laagri are displayed right here when they are available live.

    Statistics are not available yet.

    Statistics and predictions 1VS1

    1X2 Prediction : Form comparison Kuressaare vs Laagri !

    Analyzing the form of Kuressaare and Laagri can provide critical insights in predicting the outcome of their upcoming match. Both teams have exhibited unique strengths and weaknesses in their recent performances.

    Looking first at Kuressaare’s home matches, their form has been somewhat inconsistent, yet resilient. Their results over the last five games show two draws, two wins and one loss. Their impressive 9-1 win over Kose shows their potential to dominate and score at a high rate. However, their 0-2 loss to Kalju Nomme stands as a stern reminder of their vulnerabilities as well.

    On the other hand, Laagri’s away form reveals a more testing narrative. With only one win, two losses, and two draws in their last five away games, they reveal themselves as less effective on the road. Despite a notable 3-1 victory against Trans Narva, their 4-0 loss against Paide and 2-1 defeat at Tallinna Kalev underscore persisting defensive issues.

    Given these recent performances, and based on their current form, the balance appears to slightly favor Kuressaare. Their ability to secure wins and draw matches on their home ground could prove decisive against Laagri’s less impressive away record. Additionally, Kuressaare’s scoring capabilities demonstrated against Kose reveal a potential exploiting point against Laagri’s discernable defensive struggles.

    However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that form is just one factor in sports betting. Other elements such as team effort, motivation, key players’ availability, and even luck can also contribute to the final outcome of a match. Therefore, while Kuressaare holds a marginal advantage when basing on recent form, the fluid nature of football highlights the importance of approaching such predictions with caution.

    logo team

    Form comparison Kuressaarein its last 5 games

    %Team form

    In its last 5 matches the team Kuressaare has wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Kuressaare has a form rated at %.

    logo team

    Form comparison Laagriin its last 5 games

    %Forme de l'équipe

    In its last 5 matches the team Laagri a wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Laagri has a form rated at %.

    outils winflixUse the unique tools by Winflix and win all your sports bets !See tools
    Prediction Kuressaare Laagri
    Based on the form of the teams: advantage for Laagri
    Tool to use : Wincomparator

    Compare the form of the teams by the goal differences for all of today's matches

    Goals predictions and stats

    Number of goals prediction for Kuressaare vs Laagri !

    The game we’ll be looking into today is between Kuressaare and Laagri, two teams known for their different tactical approaches. Let’s begin by analysing the offensive potential of these teams.

    Firstly, Kuressaare, the home team, has an offensive potential evaluated at a rather low figure of 14%. Specifically, it’s evident from the scorelines of their last five games, where they averaged 0.4 goals per game. This low average goal tally suggests that Kuressaare struggles to find the back of the net, thus demonstrating a meager offensive performance in their recent matches.

    Now, turning our attention to the away team, Laagri. This team holds slightly higher possibilities in the offensive department. With an average of 0.6 goals per game, based on their most recent five matches, and an offensive potential valued at 21%, Laagri certainly poses a more formidable threat going forward than Kuressaare.

    However, the game isn’t won by offense alone – defense plays an equally, if not more, pivotal role. Kuressaare’s defensive capability is calculated at 50%, which seems respectable until we note that they have conceded an average of 1.4 goals in their previous five games. This reveals that while they may put up a fight, their defense isn’t entirely impervious.

    In comparison, Laagri displayed a high defensive potential of 86%, but their past performances somewhat counteract this rating. They’ve let through a hefty average of 2.4 goals per game, making it clear that their defense has been rather porous.

    In conclusion, given the offensive and defensive potential of both teams, a lower scoring match might be expected, possibly slightly in favor of Laagri given their higher offensive potential. However, football’s unpredictable nature might allow for a few surprises.

    logo team

    Goal average Kuressaarethis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored by Kuressaare in the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Kuressaare
    Kuressaare scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Kuressaarein the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Kuressaare
    Kuressaare conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    logo team

    Goal average Laagrithis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored Laagriin the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Laagri
    Laagri scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Laagriin the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Laagri
    Laagri conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    Conclusion : What’s the prediction on the number of goals?

    From a purely mathematical prediction standpoint, based on the results of the last 5 football matches played by Kuressaare and Laagri, we should have a total of goals in this match.

    total goals according to statsApprox. goals in the match
    Tool to use : Wingoal

    Compare Over/Under 2.5 for all of today's matches and filter by odds.

    Exact result prediction

    Exact result predictions Kuressaare Laagri : all result probabilities

    The exact score of a football match such as the upcoming Kuressaare versus Laagri is swayed by myriad factors, two of the most significant being the offensive and defensive performances of each team. Based on the statistical data provided, we have Kuressaare, who on average scored 0.4 goals per game over their past five matches, showcasing an offensive potential evaluated at 14%. Meanwhile, the traveling team Laagri managed to score, on average, 0.6 goals per match over their past five games, with a slightly more imposing offensive potential rated at 21%.

    However, a pure offensive analysis is simply half the story. The defensive performance is equally significant and often proves to be the decisive factor in potential scorelines. On an average, Kuressaare conceded 1.4 goals per match in their last five outings with a defensive potential estimated at 50%. Contrastingly, Laagri has been struggling on the defensive side, letting in an average of 2.4 goals per game over their last five with a defensive potential of 86%.

    All these figures underscore that both teams tend to stay quite defensive with relatively lower scoring averages. However, with Laagri’s defensive fragility and slightly better offensive prowess, they may well tip the balance their way. But considering football’s unpredictable nature, a truly accurate scoreline is very much dependent on the form, tactics, morale, and even a little bit of luck on the match day.

    While such data is useful to project possible outcomes for betting purposes, we must remember that these are probabilities based on the teams’ recent performances, not fixed outcomes. Hence, as always, when engaging in betting, it is advised to do so responsibly.

    Exact result
    Probability %

    Exact result prediction Kuressaare vs Laagri
    probability on the offensive and defensive potentials

    To find the best prediction about the Kuressaare VS Laagri match, we detail the most important statistics for the football match on 04/11/2023 :

    • Kuressaare average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Kuressaare average payout goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Kuressaare if the club is playing at home : %
    • % move to Kuressaare if the club is playing at home : %
    • % of matches lost to Kuressaare if the club is playing at home : %
    • Laagri average score goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Laagri conceded on average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Laagri if the club is playing away : %
    • % moves to Laagri if the club is playing away : %
    • % of games lost to Laagri if the club is playing away : %

    Based solely on the statistics of Kuressaare versus Laagri, the predictive statistical form exact score is: 🔐-🔐 Unlock VIP Access

    Predictions results

    Winflix Predictions results for Kuressaare and Laagri !

    Looking at recent successful predictions, Winflix has demonstrated a strong insight into both Kuressaare and Laagri’s performances.

    When analyzing Kuressaare’s matches, the winning bets were as follows: For the Kuressaare vs Trans Narva match, Winflix successfully predicted that either Kuressaare would win or draw, with odds of 1.47. In the game between Kuressaare and Tallinna Kalev, Winflix accurately suggested a win or a draw for Tallinna Kalev, offering odds of 1.42. For the FC Levadia Tallinn against Kuressaare match, Winflix made the winning forecast of FC Levadia Tallinn being the victors, with odds standing at 1.24. In the Vaprus vs Kuressaare match up, the successful prediction was to bet on either a win for Vaprus or a draw, presenting odds of 1.57. And finally, in the game of Tammeka against Kuressaare, Winflix had the winning call of either Kuressaare winning or drawing the match, with odds of 1.33.

    Turning towards Laagri’s games, Winflix’s successful predictions were: In the clash between Vaprus and Laagri, Winflix accurately predicted either a Vaprus victory or a draw, with odds of 1.29. In the reverse fixture, Laagri vs Vaprus, the winning prediction was once again for either Vaprus to win or draw, this time with slightly higher odds of 1.47.

    All in all, Winflix has shown a consistent ability to make accurate predictions for both Kuressaare and Laagri, indicating a deep knowledge of the teams and the competitions they participate in.

    Last 5 winning predictions about Kuressaare

    logo team a

    Last 5 winning predictions about Laagri

    logo team a
    Frequently Asked

    How to find the best Kuressaare Laagri prediction ?

    Finding a prediction for the match Kuressaare Laagri can prove to be complicated. But with all the statistics and key figures provided by Winflix, everything becomes much more logical. Winflix is a set of tools and experts offering you numerous exclusive services to make you win all your sports bets.

    The key factors to consider for a successful football prediction for Kuressaare vs. Laagri on 04/11/2023 taking place at Kuressaare linnastaadion are the team's past performances in the Meistriliiga championship, their current form, and recent results. Team statistics, such as goals scored and conceded by Kuressaare at home and Laagri away, shots on target, and possession of the ball, can also provide valuable insights into the final outcome of this football match on 04/11/2023.

    To assess the current form of Kuressaare and Laagri on 04/11/2023, examine their recent results in the Meistriliiga, the individual performances of key players, and the tactics used. Teams that have won multiple consecutive matches generally have better form than those who have lost several matches in a row. With the match taking place at Kuressaare linnastaadion, Kuressaare might have a slight advantage in this football match.

    Statistics are important in finding the best football prediction because they can provide valuable information about the strength of Kuressaare and Laagri, their style of play, and overall performance. An essential statistic is the win rate of Kuressaare at home and the win rate of Laagri away, as well as the same for losses. Head-to-head statistics should also be considered for this exciting match on 04/11/2023!

    The individual performances of players from Kuressaare and Laagri can be used to assess the probability of a team's victory. Key players who have recently scored goals or are in optimal physical condition can indicate that their team has a good chance of winning this match on 04/11/2023 at Kuressaare linnastaadion.

    To make a good football prediction and not miss anything, it's important to combine all these different criteria. By examining the past performances of Kuressaare and Laagri, their current form, recent results, team statistics, and individual player performances, you can establish a comprehensive analysis that will help you determine the probabilities of victory for Kuressaare or Laagri on 04/11/2023.

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