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    Prediction Motherwell vs Aberdeen : Analysis of the match

    Last update : 01/11/2023
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    As the floodlights illuminate the iconic Fir Park, the stage is set for an enthralling face-off between two titans of Scottish football – Motherwell and Aberdeen. This fixture has a historical reputation for unearthing drama, goals, and contention, sparking the interest of numerous football punters eager to exploit the intense rivalry. This comprehensive page is dedicated to dissecting previous encounters, present form, player statistics, and overarching trends to help craft the most precise pronostics for the Motherwell-Aberdeen encounter. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice taking your first shot, this breakdown will ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed bet. So buckle up, as we plunge into the whirlwind world of Scottish football and delve deeper into the Motherwell vs Aberdeen rivalry, aiming to decipher potential outcomes and returns to enhance your betting strategies.

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    Winflix Algorithm

    Prediction Motherwell Aberdeen on 01/11/2023 in Premiership

    Find the best prediction Motherwell Aberdeen Can prove to be a complicated task. With Winflix, we offer you numerous tools and statistical analyses based on the form of Motherwell and Aberdeen. The Winflix VIP members have access to exclusive predictions which have been established from reliable probabilities and advanced algorithms. With Winflix, you follow, you win.

    Odds and previsions

    Result of the match prediction Motherwell Aberdeen on 01/11/2023

    In the upcoming match between Motherwell and Aberdeen, the bookmakers have provided some captivating odds. The match is laden with prospects, with both teams standing quite evenly when it comes to the possibilities of clinching a win, as the odds suggest. A Motherwell victory comes with odds of 2.55, while an Aberdeen win offers 2.65. The chances of a drawn game are set at 3.20, indicating the tight competition expected in this match-up.

    An algorithm encompassing over 20,000 matches indicates that a stake on either a Motherwell victory or a draw offers 1.44 odds, slightly edging out a bet on Aberdeen to either win or draw, offered at 1.47. The statistics predict a rather tempered game, with less than 1.5 goals valued at 3.10 odds.

    Furthermore, a betting enthusiast would find odds of more than 1.5 goals worthy at 1.33, while the odds set for less than 2.5 goals stand at 1.73, indicating the likelihood of a low-scoring game. Those daring enough to gamble on there being greater than 2.5 goals may be in luck, as the odds stand at 1.98.

    For fans expecting to see a goal-fest, the odds for more than 3.5 and 4.5 goals stand at 3.40 and 1.33 respectively. Should the clash see both teams scoring, bookmakers offer 1.77, while a game with one or no team scoring stands at 1.90. Based on these statistics, the Motherwell and Aberdeen match is poised to be an exhilarating encounter to watch and bet on.

    Résult of the match
    Bet option :Motherwell win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Aberdeen win the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Motherwell or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Aberdeen or draw
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Goals number of the match
    Bet option :+1,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :+2,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-3,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :-4,5 goals in the game
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : Yes
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Both teams score : No
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Double chance and number of goals
    Bet option :Motherwell or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Aberdeen or draw & +1,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Motherwell or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Bet option :Aberdeen or draw & -3,5 goals
    Probability of success :
    Odd :
    Live & Match Infos

    Live match : Everything you need to know about Motherwell Aberdeen !

    To ensure you miss nothing from the match Motherwell Aberdeen, Winflix offers you to follow live the lineups, actions, and statistics of this match on 01/11/2023 in Premiership. Lineups are generally available 30 min to 1 hour before the start of the match.

    Teams Lineups : Motherwell vs Aberdeen

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    Lineup Motherwell

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    Lineup Aberdeen

    Highlights of Motherwell Aberdeen on 01/11/2023

    Miss no key moments during the match Motherwell Aberdeen on 01/11/2023 at Fir Park stadium.

    26'J. McGrath
    44'N. Devlin
    46'B. MugabiC. Butcher
    46'C. SlatteryM. Biereth
    51'Calum Butcher
    52'Conor Wilkinson
    54'Brodie Spencer
    59'Mika Biereth
    66'D. PolvaraC. Barron
    68'J. McGrath
    69'Liam Kelly
    70'L. MillerD. Zdravkovski
    70'J. McGrathDuk
    72'B. MiovskiE. Sokler
    73'G. ShinnieR. Duncan
    75'S. ODonnellT. Bair
    76'C. WilkinsonO. Shaw
    78'T. Bair
    87'Kelle Roos
    90'Harrison Paton
    90'M. Biereth

    Live statistics for the Motherwell Aberdeen match

    All the statistics for the match Motherwell versus Aberdeen are displayed right here when they are available live.

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    logo team
    Total of shots
    Shots on goal
    Shots off goal
    Corners Kicks
    Average Passes
    Total Passes
    Passes Accurate
    Total Fouls
    Yellow Cards
    Red Cards
    Statistics and predictions 1VS1

    1X2 Prediction : Form comparison Motherwell vs Aberdeen !

    Analyzing the recent match performance of Motherwell and Aberdeen, there are critical points to focus on to determine which team may have an upper edge in their upcoming clash.

    Starting with Motherwell, it’s clear they have shown resilience when playing on their home grounds. Though they’ve had a few missteps, the team has managed to put on a strong front. In their last five home games, they notched two losses and one draw, but landed two important wins against Kilmarnock and Hibernian, demonstrating they can defend their turf against formidable opposition.

    Aberdeen, on the other hand, has done quite well in their away games. Visiting some of the most competitive teams in the league, Aberdeen remarkably pulled off a win against Rangers and Ross County. The defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt and Heart of Midlothian is indeed a concern, but their ability to compete under adversary conditions, as shown in their tie against ST Mirren, cannot be overlooked.

    Based on recent form, it appears both teams have their strengths and some shortcomings. Motherwell seems to be struggling with consistency, particularly in home games. Aberdeen, in contrast, is diverse in their away games performance. They’ve shown the ability to thrive in challenging situations and aren’t easily intimidated on foreign soil.

    In conclusion, this analysis suggests a slight advantage for Aberdeen based on their more consistent and resilient performance in their away games. However, it’s essential to remember in football, surprises are part of the game, and Motherwell has demonstrated they can pull off a surprise when least expected.

    logo team

    Form comparison Motherwellin its last 5 games

    %Team form

    In its last 5 matches the team Motherwell has wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Motherwell has a form rated at %.

    logo team

    Form comparison Aberdeenin its last 5 games

    %Forme de l'équipe

    In its last 5 matches the team Aberdeen a wins, draws and defeats, if you are looking for a prediction on this match, you must take into account that the team Aberdeen has a form rated at %.

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    Prediction Motherwell Aberdeen
    Based on the form of the teams: advantage for Aberdeen
    Tool to use : Wincomparator

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    Goals predictions and stats

    Number of goals prediction for Motherwell vs Aberdeen !

    In the upcoming matchup between Motherwell and Aberdeen, their recent track record sheds some light on the potential offensive and defensive capabilities each team will bring to the pitch.

    Starting with Motherwell, their offensive potential has been calculated at 29%, coming off the back of their last five matches where they averaged approximately 0.8 goals per match. This figure does hint at a somewhat lacklustre attacking efficiency, which they will need to bolster in the clash against Aberdeen.

    On the flip side, their defensive potential has been pegged at 64%, factoring in an average of 1.8 conceded goals per match from their last five games. A figure that suggests the team is finding it hard to maintain a clean sheet and may need to tighten their defence.

    In the opposing camp, Aberdeen has a higher offensive potential, evaluated at 57%. This surplus in scoring efficiency is mirrored by their last five matches that saw them netting an impressive average of 1.6 goals per game. If this trend continues, it might spell trouble for the Motherwell defence.

    Aberdeen’s defensive potential, however, sits lower than Motherwell’s at 43%. Yet they manage to be more effective than their adversaries, as seen by the lesser average of 1.2 goals they have conceded per match from the same five-game metric. Aberdeen’s defence, therefore, might be less of a worry than their opponents’.

    When considering both teams’ offensive and defensive potentials, a betting prediction for the number of total goals scored in the upcoming match would likely be around 2 to 3 goals, with Aberdeen showing a higher probability of being on the scoring end.

    This analysis mainly explores the potential strengths and weaknesses of each team, but final outcomes can be influenced by a multitude of factors such as current form, injuries, or strategies implemented on the pitch.

    logo team

    Goal average Motherwellthis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored by Motherwell in the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Motherwell
    Motherwell scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Motherwellin the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Motherwell
    Motherwell conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    logo team

    Goal average Aberdeenthis football season

    logo team

    Goals scored Aberdeenin the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Offensive potential

    Number of goals scored prediction Aberdeen
    Aberdeen scored goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its offensive potential on the attack is %.

    logo team

    Goals conceded by Aberdeenin the last 5 matches

    goals per game
    %Defensive potential

    Number of goals conceded prediction Aberdeen
    Aberdeen conceded goals in the last 5 matches, for an average of goals per game. Its defensive potential on the defense is %.

    Conclusion : What’s the prediction on the number of goals?

    From a purely mathematical prediction standpoint, based on the results of the last 5 football matches played by Motherwell and Aberdeen, we should have a total of goals in this match.

    total goals according to statsApprox. goals in the match
    Tool to use : Wingoal

    Compare Over/Under 2.5 for all of today's matches and filter by odds.

    Exact result prediction

    Exact result predictions Motherwell Aberdeen : all result probabilities

    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s drill down into the potential exact score prediction for the upcoming Motherwell vs Aberdeen match. Now remember, determining the exact score isn’t just about the numbers on paper, but about undertaking a deep analysis that covers various influential factors.

    As we know, the offensive and defensive potential should be the main cornerstones of every prediction. Motherwell’s offensive potential is evaluated at 29%, which translates to an average of 0.8 goals per match over their last five matches. On the flip side, Aberdeen, our away team, has demonstrated a stronger potential on the offense, averaging 1.6 goals per match with an offensive potential of 57%.

    Now, let’s not sideline the importance of defense in shaping the scoreline. Motherwell’s defense, evaluated at 64%, has conceded an average of 1.8 goals per match in their last five games, while Aberdeen, better positioned with a defensive potential of 43%, has only allowed an average of 1.2 goals per match over the same period.

    When you juxtapose this data, the projected score leans slightly in favor of Aberdeen. However, bear in mind that football isn’t purely binary and you never know what could unfold. One thing’s for sure – this match is going to be one interesting spectacle.

    Stay tuned for more insights and don’t hesitate to form your own predictions based on your understanding of other factors such as injuries, tactics and morale, which can also tip the scales. Happy betting!

    Exact result
    Probability %

    Exact result prediction Motherwell vs Aberdeen
    probability on the offensive and defensive potentials

    To find the best prediction about the Motherwell VS Aberdeen match, we detail the most important statistics for the football match on 01/11/2023 :

    • Motherwell average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Motherwell average payout goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Motherwell if the club is playing at home : %
    • % move to Motherwell if the club is playing at home : %
    • % of matches lost to Motherwell if the club is playing at home : %
    • Aberdeen average score goals per game in the last 5 games
    • Aberdeen conceded on average goals per game in the last 5 games
    • % of games won by Aberdeen if the club is playing away : %
    • % moves to Aberdeen if the club is playing away : %
    • % of games lost to Aberdeen if the club is playing away : %

    Based solely on the statistics of Motherwell versus Aberdeen, the predictive statistical form exact score is: 🔐-🔐 Unlock VIP Access

    Predictions results

    Winflix Predictions results for Motherwell and Aberdeen !

    Looking at the recent winning predictions concerning Motherwell and Aberdeen provided by Winflix, the pattern of their success has been quite formidable. Winflix has shown an impressive run of accuracy in predicting the outcomes of the matches involving these two teams.

    For Motherwell, starting from their match against Celtic, Winflix predicted a win for Celtic with a betting odd of 1.38 which turned out to be the winning bet. This streak continued in their matches against Kilmarnock, Hibernian, Dundee Utd, and others where Winflix consistently gave the winning prediction of Motherwell or a draw, with betting odds ranging from 1.23 to 1.61.

    On the Aberdeen side, Winflix’s predictions have also been on point. Starting with the match of Aberdeen against PAOK, Winflix predicted a win for PAOK with an odd of 2.00, this also ended up being the winning bet. In the subsequent games against teams like HJK Helsinki, Hearts and others, Winflix accurately predicted outcomes supporting both, Aberdeen and their opponents, with odds between 1.30 to 2.25.

    These performances showcase Winflix’s remarkable talent in predicting match results, proving their prowess in making reliable and successful bets. It is an affirmation of Winflix’s deep knowledge and understanding of the teams and sport, indicating positive prospects for future predictions involving Motherwell and Aberdeen.

    Last 5 winning predictions about Motherwell

    logo team a

    Last 5 winning predictions about Aberdeen

    logo team a
    Frequently Asked

    How to find the best Motherwell Aberdeen prediction ?

    Finding a prediction for the match Motherwell Aberdeen can prove to be complicated. But with all the statistics and key figures provided by Winflix, everything becomes much more logical. Winflix is a set of tools and experts offering you numerous exclusive services to make you win all your sports bets.

    The key factors to consider for a successful football prediction for Motherwell vs. Aberdeen on 01/11/2023 taking place at Fir Park are the team's past performances in the Premiership championship, their current form, and recent results. Team statistics, such as goals scored and conceded by Motherwell at home and Aberdeen away, shots on target, and possession of the ball, can also provide valuable insights into the final outcome of this football match on 01/11/2023.

    To assess the current form of Motherwell and Aberdeen on 01/11/2023, examine their recent results in the Premiership, the individual performances of key players, and the tactics used. Teams that have won multiple consecutive matches generally have better form than those who have lost several matches in a row. With the match taking place at Fir Park, Motherwell might have a slight advantage in this football match.

    Statistics are important in finding the best football prediction because they can provide valuable information about the strength of Motherwell and Aberdeen, their style of play, and overall performance. An essential statistic is the win rate of Motherwell at home and the win rate of Aberdeen away, as well as the same for losses. Head-to-head statistics should also be considered for this exciting match on 01/11/2023!

    The individual performances of players from Motherwell and Aberdeen can be used to assess the probability of a team's victory. Key players who have recently scored goals or are in optimal physical condition can indicate that their team has a good chance of winning this match on 01/11/2023 at Fir Park.

    To make a good football prediction and not miss anything, it's important to combine all these different criteria. By examining the past performances of Motherwell and Aberdeen, their current form, recent results, team statistics, and individual player performances, you can establish a comprehensive analysis that will help you determine the probabilities of victory for Motherwell or Aberdeen on 01/11/2023.

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